On-Demand Wine and Spirits Sales and Marketing

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On-Demand Sales and Marketing

Convivium Brands can  save you money with our On-Demand Sales and Marketing program, while allowing you to focus your resources on achieving your annual goals.

Whether it is a market blitz to bump sales, re-visiting accounts that haven't bought your wine this year, meeting with your distributor or attending a portfolio tasting, we can provide you with a presence in the market at a fraction of the cost you would spend doing it yourself.


How It Works

Convivium Brands  will work the market on behalf of your winery either with or without a sales rep from the distributor.  We can work with you and the distributor to target accounts that haven't bought your wine this year or vintage.

For a daily fee plus expenses, we will do whatever you want us to do to help you achieve your brand goals, whether it is a winemaker dinner, work a trade tasting, submit your wines to magazines for reviews,  a distributor sales meeting to re-acquaint the sales team with your wines, or just hitting the pavement and seeing as many top accounts as we can.

Here is our On-Demand Wine and Spirits Sales and Marketing services and price list. (registration required)


On-Demand Sales & Marketing

  • Market Visits
  • Distributor Meetings
  • Work-Withs
  • Winemaker Dinners
  • Consumer Events
  • Trade Tastings
I can provide you with an experienced representative  to work the market on your behalf.  You will save money on airfare, hotel, meals, and by concentrating on your core business of running your winery and overseeing your brand plan.
I have worked for 15 years in restaurants as a wine buyer, 5 years at a distributor as a division manager, and 7 years as an importer and broker.



On-Demand Fulfillment


We are also working with a fulfillment house that has cooperating distributors in nearly all states east of the Mississippi River.  We can help you reach directly to chain stores or supermarkets, offering direct shipments to the accounts at a lower cost to the client.  This can also give you access to states you are not currently distributed in. 

If you would like to participate in these programs please register your company and fill out the product submission form. to upload information.  

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